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Prayers and Praises

  • 5/15/2019 Praising God for Heidi's remission from deadly inoperable brain tumor that has been safely sent into remission with chemo treatment. Please pray for Doug who is waiting for disability payments to start. Pray for his finances. Pray for Christine dealing with kidney stones. Pray for Edna who is having surgery. Pray for Joy who has recently lost of husband. Pray for comfort. Lift up Amy and all those dealing with asthma. Pray for Bob and safe travel later this week.
  • 5/7/2019 Please pray for Terry and her father James. Terry's mother passed away this morning. Pray for peace and comfort. Pray for wisdom in the decisions ahead. Praise God that Elijah is in remission. He is on maintenance at this time. Pray for continued healing and for results that are coming from another health problem. Please pray for a couple with a big decision upcoming. Pray for wisdom to make a good choice and for things to work out very well.
  • 5/3/2019 Please pray for Larry and Nancy. He had a knee replacement and is having issues with infection. Pray for strength for Nancy to help him and also work full time. Pray for an adult child who has not been seen for 3 weeks. Pray for wisdom and help in finding this person. Pray for his family as well. Pray for Esther who is in need of a car. Pray for Bev who had lung surgery and is doing well. Continued healing. Pray for Phyllis who is having back surgery early June. Lift up Frank in prayer he has prostate cancer. Pray for his wife Kathy as well. Pray for Amy and the breathing issues she is having. Her allergies are very bad. Please pray for Focus on the Family as they will be in New York City for a pro-life live event.
  • 5/2/2019 Please pray for Mark who is the hospital with acute leukemia. He has a very aggressive kind. Please pray for peace, comfort and healing. His doctors are not giving a very good outlook. Please pray for his wife Mary.
  • 4/30/2019 Please lift up Michelle in prayer. She is pregnant with triplets, early in her prenancy and on her way to the hospital. She is also away from home. Please pray for her and her babies and for her husband. Pray for wise doctors at the hospital.
  • 4/29/2019 Please pray for a young woman who needs to come back to the Lord. She is struggling with identity and her faith. Pray also for her children.
  • 4/29/2019 Please pray for: Bob and all those dealing with a terrible allergy season in the north east. Sean - his wife has a recent breast cancer diagnosis, his mom has stage 4 cancer, and his brother has a lump on his arm that will be examined Ben - father of 3 from North Carolina who lost his wife to breast cancer Rob relief from an unhealthy work environment and new job to surface; his mom is dealing with a-fib and will need a pacemaker and possibly ablation surgery
  • 11/19/2018 Please pray for Debbie who is having kidney stone removal surgery. Pray for a young man who just had surgery and is experiencing serious complications. Pray for his doctors and for comfort. Please pray for Bob who was rushed tot he hospital last night. He has an aneurysm in his stomach and it is very serious. Wisdom and healing and comfort.
  • 11/14/2018 Please pray for Dakota an 18 month old who had an accident with a nail gun. Life flight to the hospital and now on life support. Pray for wisdom for doctors and comfort for parents and family.
  • 10/29/2018 Good day everyone, Please pray for Iva who is in the hospital with pneumonia. Lift up Solomon who is having some tests done. Pray for Linda who has some legal issues with a house that she owns and an ex-tenant. Pray for wisdom. Pray for Fred who is having financial difficulties. Pray for Rachel who has an upcoming cataract surgery November 6th. Please pray for traveling mercies for Esther's family as they travel in from England.

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