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Prayers and Praises

  • 5/26/2017 Please pray for Richard who had a possible stroke. They are running tests. Pray for wisdom and for the tests to be able to tell what is going on. Pray for comfort and peace for him and for the family. Praise God that Jessica's cataract surgery went well. Please pray for Randy who is being transferred to another prison. Pray for his protection. Pray that he will find a good Christian bible study at the new facility. Pray for wisdom for Esther who is having car issues.
  • 5/22/2017 Please pray for Ellie, and her family, as she prepares to be with the Lord.  Pray for comfort and peace for her and the family. Pray for David who is having digestive issues. Pray for wisdom as the doctors run tests. Pray for a woman who is dealing with depression. Pray for her to draw near to God. Pray for Diane who is having eye issues. Give her peace as she is afraid of eye damage and pressure. Please pray for Leora's husband who is dealing with cancer. Pray for Catherine on the recent death of her husband who she married less than a year ago.  Please pray for Bob who is dealing with a bad cold for some time now. Pray for the WRGN yard sale. So many faithful volunteers. Pray for strength and for a nice day June 3rd. Please pray for Jessica as she goes for her 2nd cataract surgery. Please pray for wisdom for the doctor and a good out come for this surgery and for the upcoming surgeries for Steve and both his eye.
  • 5/19/2017 Please pray for Arthur who went to the hospital with an injury and is having withdrawals from alcohol and will be going to rehab. Pray for his salvation and healing. Pray for his family.
  • 5/16/2017 Please pray for Iva who was taken to the hospital today. She has high blood pressure and a high pulse. Pray for peace and wisdom for her doctors.
  • 5/8/2017 Please pray for Steven. He had a back injury and is in a lot of pain when he stands for any length of time. He has already missed work and is waiting on x-ray results. Please pray for healing and patience as he moves forward. Pray also that his place of employment will work with him.
  • 5/1/2017 Pray for Jenn as she goes for test. Pray for her blood pressure to go down. Pray for Faith who has to have another surgery for her broken leg. Pray for healing and comfort. Pray for Jim in need of a new job. Pray for favor and just the right job to be available. Pray for a great fit. Prayers for Ken who is dealing with back pain and ongoing cancer treatments. Pray for wisdom for his doctors. Pray for Andrew and Bethany as she will be induced today at CHOP in Philadelphia.  Her baby girl has HLHS (Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome) and will need surgery within days of being born.  Pray for comfort for Andrew & Bethany and for wisdom for the doctors! Please pray for Andy's grandson Dean (13) who is having tonsils and adenoids out today.
  • 4/26/2017 Please lift up Tim in prayer. Keep in your prayers as he is in great need of comfort from God for him and his family. We have had him on our prayer list before. He has been fighting cancer. Pray for comfort and strength for him and his family. Pray for the peace of God and his love to envelope them all at this time. Please continue to pray for Esther. She will be seeing the doctor today for a lump. Pray for it to be benign. Pray for strength. Pray for Dale who had a fire at his property and is not insured. Pray for wisdom as he moves forward. Praise for Lori had a successful surgery. Continued prayers for wisdom for her doctors. She is awaiting more results. Pray for continued healing. Please pray for George who has been admitted for fluid in his arm and a very high fever. Pray for healing and wisdom as tests are being run. Please pray for Jessica who will have cataract surgery tomorrow am. Guidance for the doctors hands and healing. Pray for Laura who had a root canal and is in a lot of pain. Pray for healing and for the pain to lessen. Pray for her to grow closer to the Lord and know his love for her.
  • 4/24/2017 Good day, more praying please....and thank you all, Please pray for Rose who is having gallbladder surgery today at 2 pm. Pray for the doctors and Rose to have a good recovery. Pray for her healing and comfort. Pray for Carla's son who stated a new job today. Pray for favor and wisdom as he learns the new skills needed. Pray for Carla's daughter who has had two interviews for a position. Pray Gods favor and success for both of them as they start new careers.
  •  4/24/2017 Please lift up in prayer Lori who will be having breast surgery for cancer tomorrow. Lumpectomy and complete mastectomy on her right breast. Pray for peace as she undergoes this. Pray for her husband. Ask God to give wisdom to the doctors. Healing and relief from pain. Praising God for so many who have gone through so much and come out praising God for his answers and love through all of your prayers!
  • 4/6/2017 Praise God that Denise's surgery and her recovery went well. She was able to start back to work this week. Please pray for Faith who had a terrible fall and broke her leg in multiple spots. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and for travel home as she is away near Atlanta. Pray for her husband Brian as well. Praise God that Dennis is doing well. God is so good!! Pray for Sue who is having some reoccurring trouble from lymes. Pray for healing. Pray for zero pain!

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