Prayer Warriors Needed!

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Prayers and Praises

  • 3/20/2017 Please pray for Renee who has entered a program to become clean from addiction. Pray for strength and peace. Pray for her to be free from the addictions and grow in her relationship with the Lord. Please lift up in prayer Teah who started her chemotherapy for liver and colon cancer. She did well after surgery. Pray for continued strength and healing.
  • 3/17/2017 Please pray for a young man who is in search of a new job. He has started the interview process. Pray for favor and that God would go before him and give him wisdom as he seeks new employment. Pray for something that is a wonderful fit for both him and his employer. Pray for Cindy and her aunt who she cares for. Cindy's aunt had her leg amputated pray for strength and healing so that the two can live together again. Please lift up in prayer a woman who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Pray for healing and peace. Wisdom for her doctors and that she will do well with the treatment. Pray for a woman who has a 32 yr. old daughter who has had breast cancer surgery and has begun her treatments. She also has two little children. Pray for her healing and strength to be able to care for her children.
  • 3/6/2017 Please pray for Clark who is in rehab after being in a coma. He is looking forward to finally going home. Praise God he is doing much better. Please pray for Esther who has a lump and will have a biopsy on March 23rd. Update on Freddy who is better and will be getting his prosthetic soon. He is feeling better and will be going home for rehab soon. Pray for Guy who is involved with a girlfriend who is trying to overcome her addition to drugs. Pray for wisdom, guidance, and for a good councilor.
  • 2/23/2017 Please pray for baby Lincoln who is in surgery today. He is 1 month old. He was born premature with serious respiratory and kidney issues. He is in surgery at CHOP for his kidney issues. Pray for his parents Josh and Nicole too.
  • 2/20/2017 Please pray for Anna who is having chemotherapy and wasn't feeling well and has asked to stop. Please pray for wisdom and healing. Pray for Clark, now out of his coma and beginning to eat food again. Pray for him to be able to stop the feeding tube. Pray for continued healing for Debbie who had the fall. She is doing better but still in a lot of pain. Pray for Susan and her family as she is diagnosed with Bi-Polar. Pray for wisdom for her and her family moving forward and for clarity on the decisions. Pray for Randy who is addicted to prescription medications. He was caught for shoplifting. Pray for him to get the help he needs.
  • 2/17/2017 Please pray for our librarian Terry. She has a stress fracture on her foot and will be in a boot for six weeks with no driving. Praying also for her husband Don who is recovering from his car accident. He is doing better and will return to work soon. Please pray for Karen who has cancer and hospice is coming twice a week now. Pray for Karen's salvation and for her family.
  • 2/10/2017 Please pray for Shannon who had a double lung transplant and might now need open heart surgery. Pray for wisdom as the decisions are made. Peace and healing. Please pray for a man who was just hospitalized and is not doing well. Pray for him as they are doing tests. Pray for healing and for the family. Praise- Dennis is doing better and has been able to eat again. He is gaining strength. Please pray for that to continue and that he will be encouraged and healed.
  • 2/3/2017 Please continue prayers for Tim. His fever has passed and he is home now, praise God for that. He is continuing to have issues with more tumors. Pray for the tumors to shrink and that he would have more strength. Continued prayers for Dennis who is back in the hospital but feeling better. Prayers for health and healing and strength. Encouragement and rest for Lucille as well. Please remember those who are having bad days with Lymes disease. Strength and continued healing for Sue and others.
  • 1/31/2016 Praising God that Denise had a good report and she is cancer free! She will be scheduled for colon surgery soon. Pray for all to go well. Wisdom for her doctors and total healing. Please lift up Tim who has cancer and how is in the hospital with the flu. Pray for healing. Pray for Fred who suffered with an infection in his leg and had an amputation. He is back in the hospital for another infection in the same leg. Pray for wisdom and peace as he has more tests done. Pray for his mother and family.
  • 1/30/2017 Please pray for Rich in the hospital with a diabetes-related toe infection. Lift up Lorraine in the hospital, also diabetes-related issues. Pray for a young man dealing with an inoperable brain tumor. Pray for a woman who is dealing with early stage Alzheimer’s – she is in her 40's Wisdom for her doctors as they treat her. Continued prayers for Dennis who is doing better today. Pray for continued strength. Pray for Judie who has bronchitis. Pray for healing. Continued prayer for Jeanie who had her second round of chemotherapy for breast cancer. She is doing well. She is thanking God for no nausea.

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