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Prayers and Praises

  • 1-2-18 Please pray for these needs. Terry who had carpal tunnel surgery and is recovering. Lorna dealing with anxiety, numbness. Michael who is in the ER with seizures. General health issues for Michael, Edwinter, and James. Joe - recovering from work injury Kim – surgery/recovery. Josh dealing with an injury recovery. Ronald - mental health issues Family and friends of Geraldine who just passed away. Family and friends of Sarah a young lady who also just passed away. Benson and Amy dealing with seizures. Theresa knee recovery. Rebecca after the death of her son. Patricia who is having trouble walking. Melissa having anxiety. Tracy and James both suffering with epilepsy and diabetes. Angelina a mom with four children who needs a home. Christine suffering with chronic pain. Hunter dealing with autism. Adrian in rehab for a leg injury.
  • 12/5/2018 Please pray for Phyllis who has double mastectomy and is recovering. Pray for healing and pain levels. Pray for her daughter Kathy who is caring for her. Pray for Esther who is having car troubles and is out of the area.
  • 11/6/2017  Please pray for the Texas church shooting victims and for their families. Pray for health issues of Michael, Claire (sick family member), Jessica, and Robert Pray for Diana – emergency amputation surgery. She will be out of work for about a month. Pray for finances. For Lashawn – injured from fall – needs rehab before returning to work Pray for Mallory – safe resolution from eviction notice for her and her 1 year old child. Joseph – his bladder cancer has returned – for it to be safely stopped and sent into permanent remission. Pray for Joe and his financial situation. Please pray for Maryanne who is in the hospital with a spot on her lungs. Pray for a good recovery for Vivian who has had hip replacement surgery. Prayers for Charlie who is struggling with depression. Please lift up Noel who is only 17 and having spinal surgery. Debbie who had a kidney donation 10 years ago and is now on dialysis again. Pray for Kay to be able to see her trailer and move into an appartment. Esthers water leak in her car. Jack and David both having open heart surgery.
  • 10/17/2017 Good day everyone, Please pray for a woman who is suffering with severe depression. She is not eating or hydrating enough. She is seeing a doctor and having an MRI done. Pray for wisdom and the peace of God. Pray for Stephen, a teenager going for an endoscopy and colonoscopy this week to diagnose lower GI issues and anemia. Please pray for Kevin who is also having lower GI tract tests done due to inflamation. Lift up Jared who is in need of a hip repair or replacement. Wisdom. Pray for these who are dealing with other health issues. William, Deborah, and Michael. Pray for Bob as he is seeking a side job. Ask God for favor.
  • 10/16/2017 Please pray for Christi who was dealing with dizzy spells and it was found to be a blood clot in her leg. It traveled to her lung and she is in the hospital. They have discovered another clot in her leg. Pray for peace and comfort for her and her husband. Pray for the doctors to have wisdom. Asking for healing and health. God bless you and thank you all for your faithful prayers.
  • 10/11/2017 Please pray for Shelby who is dealing with pneumonia. She is seeing a doctor today. Pray for a young teenager, Stephen. He has abdominal pain, digestive issues, fatigue, and anemia. He is having tests done for possible mononucleosis. Please pray for all effected by the fires in California.
  • 10/9/2017 Praise God for your help and healing for Ashley, Brandi, Mitch and Sarah. God is helping our teens. Pray for Justin who will be having surgery today. Pray for wisdom for his doctors. Lift up little Amelia who is only 5 months old and is having her second heart surgery. Pray for her parents, the doctors and family. Pray for Esther as she is seeking a doctor for her foot pain. Pray for wisdom. Pray for Linda who is renting to a husband and wife who are separating, the wife and children are in need. Linda is helping but can not continue for much longer due to finances. Pray for wisdom and for God to heal the marriage. Pray for a woman who is dealing with heart and stroke problems. She is dealing with some dementia symptoms as well. Please pray for health issues for Jessica and Regina. Pray for a woman in the hospital with low hemoglobin.  
  • 10/3/2017 Continued prayers for Dakota, they have discovered he is allergic to milk protein. Pray for wisdom for his parents and the doctors as they move forward. Pray for Joanne who is having major back surgery tomorrow. Several disks with issues. Pray for her comfort and healing. Praise God for Terry, though he had a heart attack a few months ago it was safely caught in time.  He has safely recovered with stents and will be on medicines for a while . Pray for Ann whose mom has stage 4 lung cancer. Comfort and mercy. Pray for Stephanie for help with spine/back issues as well as strong allergies.  Prayers for Tom for help and recovery from many years of knee/back issues and pain. For Heather and her child – who were evicted and had to move back in with her parents from economic issues.  Please pray for Edith’s safe recovery from knee replacement surgery.  Pray for Davids recovery and dietary vigilance after a strong diverticulitis episode.  Please pray for Sherry who was in a car very bad car accident. Pray for healing and wisdom for her doctors. Pray for Bob and Kathy and healing in their marriage. Pray for wise council.
  • 10/2/2017 Pray for the victims and their families in Las Vegas. Continued prayers for those suffering in all of the hurricane ravaged areas. Please pray for Vivian who is having a hip replacement on October 10th. Pray for her doctors and for a speedy recovery. Pray for Jean who is dealing with COPD and having a lot of trouble breathing even with the oxygen. Pray for Brian who has had two falls and is hurting in his back and hands. Pray for his pain and healing.
  • 9/21/2017 Please continue your prayers for our sister station in St. Croix. Praising God for lives spared. There will be a long clean up to come. Pray for the resources needed. Please pray for Debbie who is in the hospital and having tests done. Possible cyst. Pray for Priscilla who has fibromyalgia and is suffering with a lot of joint pain.

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